Tracy Tramonte

“I bought a new gas oven but it wouldn’t push flush to the wall because my gas line came out of the floor too far from the wall. The line came up through a hardwood floor in my kitchen and the piping is not accessible in the basement because my ceiling down there is finished with drywall. I called four plumbers to get an estimate and many of them mentioned the strong possibility of needing to at least tear up part of my hardwood floor, and likely my ceiling in the basement. I’m not knocking for doing that because it’s better than me not knowing! But what struck me about Steve is that he seemed confident that we could come up with a solution that wouldn’t involve those things.

The plumber came out the day after Thanksgiving, looked at the gas line, and immediately came up with a solution that me, my husband and my father-in-law had not thought of. His solution was to cut off the pipe and turn it so the shut off valve faced a different direction, gaining us the two inches we needed to push the oven against the wall. No tearing up the floor or ceiling. Just a quick fix and $90 later he was done!

He re-lit the pilot lights on my water heater and gas fireplace before he left. I was thrilled with the solution, the cost, and the fact that the company did something so simple and cheap when a less trustworthy company might have taken a far more expensive route.”